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Immunology Services

Immunology Services (IS) is a research service unit of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, that specializes in measuring antigen specific cellular responses of nonhuman primates. IS performs standardized elispot, and flow cytometry-based immune assays, and conducts vaccination experiments. In addition to routine tests IS develops custom immune-assays to meet the specific aims of collaborating investigators. Primate Center investigators and other NIH supported researchers receive priority attention from IS, but anyone is welcome to contact us.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 608-265-8998
  • Send email to Immunology Services

Services Supported

  • Antigen-specific Elispot assays.
  • Antigen-specific intracellular cytokine assays (ICS).
  • Multicolor flow cytometric phenotype analysis (up to 16 parameters).
  • BL-3 level cell sorting by multicolor flow cytometry (up to 8 parameters).
  • Monoclonal antibody production from supernatants of hybridomas.
  • Fluorochrome conjugation to purified monoclonal antibodies.
  • SIV or HIV-specific ADCC assays.
  • Vaccination experiments in nonhuman primates.

Key Personnel

Eva G. RakaszSenior Scientist(608)-265-8998Send email
Kim WeisgrauSenior Research Specialist(608)-263-0824Send email
Jessica FurlottSenior Research Specialist(608)-265-8085Send email
Nicholas PomplunResearch Specialist(608)-265-8085Send email
Logan Vosler Associate Research Specialist (608)-265-8085Send email
David T. Evans Professor (608) 265-1485 Send email

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