The WNPRC Virology Services Unit provides expert support to investigators performing virological research in nonhuman primates. Our services include highly sensitive molecular diagnostics, production and titration of virus stocks suitable for in-vitro and/or in-vivo studies, generation of custom virus mutants by reverse genetics, virus isolation and more.

Our clients include investigators studying the AIDS viruses SIV and SHIV, influenza and dengue, among other viruses.

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Services Supported

  • Detection of viral RNA by ultrasensitive quantitative RT-PCR (QRT-PCR). Viral targets include:
    • SIV/SHIV
    • Simultaneous quantification of wild type SIV and nef deletion mutants
    • Influenza viruses
    • Dengue fever virus
    • Yellow fever virus 17D
  • Production of characterized virus stocks
    • Viruses can be purchased from existing stocks on a per-vial basis
    • We can also produce large-scale stocks to order
    • Contact us for details
  • Production of custom SIV mutants
  • Isolation of NHP viruses in tissue culture
  • Assays for measuring the latent reservoir of SIV
    • Quantitative viral outgrowth assay (QVOA)
    • Droplet digital PCR (ddPCR)
    • QPCR for cell-associated SIV DNA

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